Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Friday, May 20, 2011

More things happening

·         June 4th – Cuban Day Parade of NJ – Bergerline Avenue, NJ

·         June 5th – Puerto Rican Day Parade – 5th Avenue, NY

·         July 17th – Colombian Festival – Flushing Meadows

·         Aug 7th – Dominican Day Parade – Avenue of the Americas

·         Aug 27 – Feria de Salud – American Diabetes Association @ St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx

·         Sept 4 – Brazilian Festival – 46th street

·         Sept 11 – Mexican Independence Day Parade and Festival – VARIOUS LOCATIONS

·         Cecomex Mexican Festival

Summer in NYC

Here are some images of NYC summers:
 Museum Mile
 Harlem Week
 Shakespeare in the Park
 Puerto Rican Day Parade
 Mermaid Parade
4th of July @ Coney Isalnd

Summer in the City

Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade
Crazy day - everyone on the subways is in Costumes heading to Brooklyn

June 12th:  
Puerto Rican Day Parade: Get ready for one of New York's most colorful and festive parades — as New Yoricans celebrate the 54th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, June 12, 2011. Parade is down 5th Ave.

June 14th:
Annual Museum Mile festival: "New York's Biggest Block Party" Rain or shine, 5th Avenue is closed to traffic and becomes home to a block party, complete with musical and artistic entertainment for children and adults. In addition to the nine museums offering free admission, there are interactive activities, musical entertainment, and artist demonstrations along Fifth Avenue. Face painting and chalk drawing along Fifth Avenue are especially fun activities for children.

June 18th:

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks in New York City: famous, usually watch from the river - can see from Jersey or West side Highway
Coney Island 4th of July Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest Huge! Tons o people go down to the tip of Brooklyn and hang out, watch the contest, eat, hang on the Boardwalk and Ride the Cyclone.
July 11-24, 2011 (excludes Saturdays): NYC Restaurant week
Shakespeare in the Park:exactly what it sounds like - performances (paid tickets limit of 2); for the last 50 years
Central Park SummerStage
Met Opera in the Parks
HBO/Bryant Park Film Festival
New York Philharmonic Concerts in the Park
Midsummer Night Swing
Baseball Season

Harlem Week HARLEM WEEK Starts July 31st
37th Anniversary
"Tracing the Evolution"
"Tracing the evolution of HARLEM WEEK, now thirty seven-years old (1974), is very simple— it began as HARLEM DAY, a one-day tribute that was so astonishingly and unexpectedly successful that more days were needed to showcase the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history, to say nothing of the current, ever increasing artistic talent in Harlem. Above all, HARLEM DAY—in its unique way—was a day of encouragement and fellowship for New Yorkers in general and Harlemites in particular, many of whom had struggled for some years to see a positive future for Urban America."

HBO/Bryant Park Film Festival
Baseball Season
Women's Liberty Season (WNBA)
Central Park SummerStage
Shakespeare in the Park

Labor Day
Shakespeare in the Park
San Gennaro Festival (Little Italy) Thursday, September 16 (Opening Day) from 2-3 PM - 8th Annual Cannoli Eating Contest: The Performance Stage; Saturday, September 25 at 2 p.m. The annual Grand Procession, starting at 2 p.m.
US Open
Fashion Week

Monday, February 28, 2011

Iconic IMages of Long Island

From our favorite Long Islander, Daniel:
I would have to say...

-Montauk Lighthouse
-North Shore Harbor towns: Stony Brook, Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson, Northport
-Vineyard region
-Beaches: Jones Beach, Robert Moses, Cupsogue, Coopers, Smith’s Point
-Historic Trails
-Fire Island, Shelter Island, Hamptons
-State Parks: Sunken Meadow, Heckscher, Robert Moses, Accompsett
-Museums, Whaling, Vanderbilt, Carriage

-Historic Cottages/Homes
    -General Stores

Friday, February 25, 2011

Interviewing New Jersey

Just had a chat with a recently transplanted UES guy - originally from New Jersey (Princeton).  To him, iconic NJ images include the Princeton Battlefield and The Pinelands in South Jersey.South Jersey is more rural (except western portion) smaller feel. Central is more urban, and Northern is more suburbs.

"NY is "the city" and you don't see a lot of people doing long commutes to the Jersey cities. NYC is the best for fun but you feel like outsiders (non-NY region people) look down on you for not being from NY"

"The inclination is to always stick up for Jersey - there are a lot of good things about it too"

A chat with a Long Islander

Here is the LI scoop:

Nassau vs. Suffolk Counties: Nassau is closer to the city and also more affluent, usually snootier.

North Shore vs. South Shore: North shore is usually more affluent, but also located on the sound, beaches aren’t as nice. South shore is notorious for being pretty trashy, the loophole the South Shore has are the Hamptons.

Long Islanders refer to Manhattan as “The City.”

When heading to the east end for beaches or vineyards, we refer to it as, “Out East.”

Predominantly Italian or Jewish

Mostly White, not a large ethnic population

Suburban families with children mostly

An accent unlike any other, so take a seat Jersey!

Guidos and Guidettes are abundant

We go to the beach, not the shore. The hamptons are obviously the chicest and best beaches. Robert Moses and Jones are staples and also have a nude part..hehe

We say hero, not sub or hoagie, usually piled with fresh Italian cold cuts or meats! Haha
It’s Soda, not pop
Pizza is a way of life
Food is Love
Seconds, sometime third helpings are required

Proud: You have the best beaches in the world, live near the best city in the world, great food & shopping..why live anywhere else?