Friday, February 25, 2011

A chat with a Long Islander

Here is the LI scoop:

Nassau vs. Suffolk Counties: Nassau is closer to the city and also more affluent, usually snootier.

North Shore vs. South Shore: North shore is usually more affluent, but also located on the sound, beaches aren’t as nice. South shore is notorious for being pretty trashy, the loophole the South Shore has are the Hamptons.

Long Islanders refer to Manhattan as “The City.”

When heading to the east end for beaches or vineyards, we refer to it as, “Out East.”

Predominantly Italian or Jewish

Mostly White, not a large ethnic population

Suburban families with children mostly

An accent unlike any other, so take a seat Jersey!

Guidos and Guidettes are abundant

We go to the beach, not the shore. The hamptons are obviously the chicest and best beaches. Robert Moses and Jones are staples and also have a nude part..hehe

We say hero, not sub or hoagie, usually piled with fresh Italian cold cuts or meats! Haha
It’s Soda, not pop
Pizza is a way of life
Food is Love
Seconds, sometime third helpings are required

Proud: You have the best beaches in the world, live near the best city in the world, great food & shopping..why live anywhere else?


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