Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To NY, Love Reginald

Hi Guys,

Here are some interesting things provided by Reginald - worth thinking about for sure!

Brooklyn – Heavy Concentration of African Americans – “Bed- Stuy” aka Bedford Stuyvesant is neighborhood in Brooklyn that is a hub for African American culture and is often referenced in rap music. It is the birthplace of rappers  Biggie Smalls and Jay Z. ("Bed Stuy Till i Die" is a saying here)

Harlem – Historically the epicenter of African American culture – The birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance. The home to the Cotton Club and the famed Apollo Theater that still conducts amateur night.

Spanish Harlem also know as East Harlem/El Barrio  – Largely dominated by Latinos or Nuyoricans

The Bronx – Heavy concentration of Hispanics. Was coined the “Boggie Down “ Bronx in rap music during the 80’s. Also home to Yankee Stadium.

Newark – Heavy concentration of African Americans. Nick named “Brick City” which captures the feeling of the city being a city that is tough as Bricks.  Newark also has a heavy concentration of Portuguese and Brazilian in area named the Ironbound. Also home to the new Red Bull Soccer Stadium.  

 Little kids in Bed Stuy Brooklyn

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