Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Some relevant facts and points of interest for inspiration
  • Brooklyn is the birthplace to some of the greatest rappers  – Notorious BIG, Jay –Z, LiL Kim.
  • Brooklynites consider Brooklyn to be the “Realist” borough and the epic center of Hip Hop and Fashion.   
  • Harlem has the famed Apollo Theater that still holds amateur Night contest. If you can survive the Apollo theater crowd, you can make it on stage anywhere. 
  • The Bronx has been affectionately called the “Boogie Down Bronx”.

When you get more into the details:
The Apollo theater is world renown and is famous because of it’s Amateur nights that launched the careers of stars  such as Ell Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, James Brown , Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill , to name a few. It Billed it’s self as a place "where stars are born and legends are made”. Because of the caliber of talent that has passed through the Apollo Theater, the audience developed a high standard for applauding on the best of the best during Amateur night. If you can make it on the stage at the Apollo Theater, then you can make it anywhere. The same as the New York motto. To past and future legends that braved the crowd at the Apollo Theater

Expand beyond rappers born in Brooklyn and focus on New York being the birthplace of rap legends. The list is long – LL Cool Jay, Mar J. Blige, Heavy D. , Russell Simmons founder of DEF Jam records, Puffy, Queen Latifah . It’s really the home of East Coast Rap - to the city that gave birth to East Coast Rap.

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  1. New York City is the birthplace of all rap! South Bronx! South South Bronx!