Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two of everything to serve this City...QUEENS

In an earlier post I mentioned that NY needs more than 1 of everything - 5 boroughs, 2 NFL team, 2 MLB teams (The Mets are in Queens on Roosevelt Ave), 2 Airports etc.

Both major airports are in Queens. (JFK & LaGuardia) And if you're not from NY you ALWAYS mispronounce LaGuardia for some reason - tourists say "La gard E uh", it's "La-gwarr-dee-uh" (it's the Spanish influence of the meaning of the word) - EVERYTHING has the "W" sound, it's part of the NY accent.

Queens is also the 4th most densely populated county...and NY's most diverse borough. Queens is world diversity - everyone from everywhere.
  • Were each borough an independent city, Brooklyn and Queens would be the country's third and fourth largest cities, respectively, after Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • The tallest tree in the New York metropolitan area, called the Queens Giant, is also the oldest living thing in the New York metro area. It is located in northeastern Queens, and is 450 years old and 132 feet (40 m) tall as of 2005. 
  • Queens and Brookyln both speak to leaving Manhattan behind, even the subway comes above ground as you get out into Queens and near Coney island.

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