Saturday, February 12, 2011

The most "New York" images...

    I asked a few people what the most iconic NY imagery was to them - what places resonate as their initial thought of New York, this is what I got:

    • Empire State Building
    • Chrysler building, the bull, yankees stadium, Madison Square Garden
    • Statue of Liberty, Times Square
    • Central Park too!
    • Harlem!
    • statue of liberty, time square, lots of advertising and central park, oh i cant forget people walking everywhere and really fast
    •  ‎30 Rock Fountain(or the statue IN the fountain at least.)
    •  Grand Central Station, Citi RInk, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Public Library, Macy's on Herald Square
      George Washington Bridge (for those coming in from CT)
    • museum of national history, MOMA, guggenheim, the lincoln center, rockefellar center, grand central station, carnegie hall!
    • Well I would say Shea stadium but they had to go tear it down. 
    • Clark Street in Brooklyn 
    • Rockefeller Center
    • The view of Manahattan from the Jersey Side of the river - Jersey City/Newport
    • Madison Square Park
    • 5th Ave 
    • Herald Square
    • The network of tunnels for the subway at 42nd street and Penn station
    • The Apollo!

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