Friday, February 25, 2011

You know you're from New Jersey when...

 You know you're from New Jersey when...

  • You don't think of fruit when people mention "The Oranges".
  • You know that it's called Great Adventure, not Six Flags.
  • A good, quick breakfast is a hard roll with butter.
  • You've known the way to Seaside Heights since you were seven.
  • You've eaten at a Diner, when you were stoned or drunk, at 3a.m.
  • You know that the state isn't one big oil refinery.
  • At least three people in your family still love Bruce Springsteen and you know the town Jon Bon Jovi is from.
  • You know what a "jug handle" is.
  • You know that WaWa is a convenience store.
  • You know that the state isn't all farmland.
  • You know that there are no "beaches" in New Jersey-there's the shore and you don't go to the shore, you go "down the Shore". And when you are there, you're not "at the shore", you are "down the Shore".
  • You know how to properly negotiate a Circle.
  • You knew that the last sentence had to do with driving.
  • You know that this is the only "New __" state that doesn't require "New" to identify it (like, try...Mexico,...York, .Hampshire - doesn't work, does it?)
  • You know that a "White Castle" is the name of BOTH a fast food chain AND a fast food sandwich.
  • You consider putting mayo on a corned beef sandwich a sacrilege.
  • You don't think "What exit?" is very funny.
  • You know that people from the 609 area code are "a little different". Yes they are!
  • You know that no respectable New Jerseyan goes to Princeton -that's for out-of-staters.
  • The Jets-Giants game has started fights at your school or localbar.
  • You live within 20 minutes of at least three different malls.
  • You refer to all highways and interstates by their numbers. (except for "the Parkway" and "the Turnpike")
  • Every year you have at least one kid in your class named Tony.
  • You know the location of every clip shown in the Sopranos opening credits.
  • You've gotten on the wrong highway trying to get out of the mall.
  • You know that people from North Jersey go to Seaside Heights, and people from Central Jersey go to Belmar and people from South Jersey go to Wildwood.
  • You weren't raised in New Jersey -- you were raised in either North Jersey, Central Jersey or South Jersey.
  • You don't consider Newark or Camden to actually be part of the state.
  • You remember the stores Korvette's, Two Guys, Rickel's, Channel, Bamberger's and Orbach's.
  • You also remember Palisades Amusement Park.
  • You've had a Boardwalk cheese steak and vinegar fries.
  • You start planning for Memorial Day weekend in February.
  • You've NEVER, NEVER pumped your own gas.

    I've taken the liberty of hyper linking these things to explain them too - just click on them!

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