Thursday, January 27, 2011

From my friend Erin - why I love NY

why I love you nyc

by Erin on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 11:19am
Nicole Brooker asked me: "could you give me specific examples of things that you see about NY that others couldn't?"

I'm having a hard time with this one... what do I see when I look around NYC?

I see passion and drive and millions of people who are intent on manifesting their own destinies - no matter how big their dreams - working tirelessly to build the foundations of their own success;

I see people who are more open minded, more accepting, more aware than most, yet are busy busy busy, so may come off as detached and self absorbed;

I see amazing style that constantly inspires me and pushes me to reinvent myself as often as I my eyes peek open in the morning;

I see humanity at its best: helping to shovel sidewalks and push cars out of the snow, carrying an old lady's suitcase up the stairs, giving their time to those less fortunate than themselves - and at its worst: closing their eyes to the pregnant woman who needs a seat or barely giving a sympathetic glance to the man bundled up in dirty rags in the corner;

I see more creativity and inspiration than I could ever imagine there possibly being in the world - artists who transcend the status quo - musicians and photographers and artists and performers and dancers that make my heart swell and ache with admiration and longing;

I see anything and everything you could possibly imagine wanting - no more than an arms length away - ripe for the taking, ripe for the abusing, ripe for the savoring;

I see the crème de la crème, the folks who can make it anywhere, yet choose to make this big, beautiful, wonderful city their home, their sanctuary, their playground, their wasteland;

I see the first and only place in the world where I've ever felt accepted, ever felt at home;

I see the youth seeping in, adding their fire and their brilliance, their curiosity and their passionate insistence - building the new skyline of New York with electric dreams and steely determination;

I see the place that I am beginning to whisper goodbye to - taking it in my arms, wrapping myself in its embrace and feeling the soft crush of passion and remorse;

Brooker: I hope that helps.

I <3 New York.

Erin has lived in NY forever - she's 30 and currently lives in Crown heights - she's super in tune with culture and is truly happening.

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