Thursday, January 27, 2011

You know you're from long Island (Suffolk County) when...

Hey Guys - this is something a fellow planner from LI got passed to him on FB....all about LI...enjoy!

You know you’re from Suffolk County (LI) When...
1. You ask yourself why you talk different from every other state.
2. You know someone or you have adopted a pet from North Shore Animal League.
3. More white people talk ghetto then black.
4. You curse. A lot.
5. You put a “er” at the end of an “a” word or the opposite. ex: Soder
6. You are afraid to step in the ocean water because you can’t see past 1cm.
7. There is damn geese everywhere!
8. You know of only one mall, Smith Haven.
9. You have been to the Amityville house at least once.
10. Wonder why only our beaches are contaminated.
11. You feel like you have contracted Tuberculosis from lake Ronkonkoma.
12. You go to Island 16 all the time, Because obviously it’s the coolest place.
13. You think we have the poorest schools, when really we have the richest.
14. You wish that the only roller rink in Bayshore wasn’t demolished.
15. You go to the Rinx on Friday nights.
16. You know the construction on the roads is pointless because they are always worse then before.
17. You wonder why we never get snow, It snows 3ft, then never again until the next winter.
18. You ask yourself “Why does everyone move to Florida?!”
19. You don’t know why schools spend all the money on sports when only a selection play.
20. You wonder why only we have to take a regents exam.
21. Hate the schools heath code.
22. Most girls dress like sluts, but you have gotten to the point where you don’t realize because you’re so used to it.
23. You wonder WTF is with the Uggs?
24. The Commack movie theatre scares you.
25. You go to the mall more to hang out then to shop.
26. You had no idea how rich we were until you went out east.
27. You have been to Atlantis Marine World at least once.
28. You know the security guards anywhere(mall, school, ect.) don’t care what you do.
29. You wish Global warming would stop because our beaches are disappearing. O.o
30. You can’t wait until summer, so that you can do nothing but stay inside on the computer.
31. you've waited on the line at taco bell at 2am cause you got a craving and its four town away.
32. You thought you were bad ass when you were 10 and your mom let you ride your bike to your friends house
33. When people from upstate/out of state ask were you live you have to describe your towns location by distance from N...YC in minutes. [we dont use miles :P]
34. you've spent your weekends durring the summer taking ferries to FI
35. There's no DQ yet we're tortured with commercials
36. When you know exactly how it feels to wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy

Hope this helps..I’ll think of some more tomorrow!

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