Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NY is so noisy...Noisy because it's happening, everyone wants their voice heard

The noise in NYC is part of the atmosphere. A quiet NY doesn't exist. Not everyone gets that though, check out this Parisian as she describes her first impressions of the city:  

“This city is nothing if it's not noisy.  It's noisy in the morning, noisy during the day, and even noisy at night (and overnight), thanks to  variety of activities such as the DJ who was spinning Euro beats in the courtyard behind my apartment yesterday evening. The soundtrack for this city is a never-ending stream of honking horns, roaring traffic, and an assortment of everyday sounds created by people living their lives. You could argue that New York is loud because it's a big city, but Paris is a big city as well, and I would never describe it as "loud."  When it comes to decibels, New York is on a whole different level.” –Tanya, 29

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