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Pulled from a blog: Definition of a NYer,781

Re: Definition of a New Yorker
Posted by: Jason (
Date: June 06, 2008 12:08PM

No other city has this paradoxical 'state of mind' identity greater than New York City. It manages to transcend its sense of place, in the conventional sense of the word. Paris is the only other city that seems to come close to this universal sense of place. It is a 'street theater' quality, which has everything to do with its 'aspirational' and 'poetic' sense of itself. Anyone who strongly identifies with those qualities is, innately speaking, a New Yorker. it is also that sense of longing for something beyond ourselves, which identifies a true New Yorker. But more than anyting else, the film and television industry perpetrates this 'other sense of self' as a universal and transcendent identity which is the unique New York experience. And to be a part of this experience is to be a part of the American dream, with its keen sense of justice, liberty and eternal progression in all things both temporal and spiritual.

Re: Definition ?
Posted by: leelee (
Date: September 04, 2009 12:00AM

the definition of a true new yorker is someone that lives breaths eats acts talks walks with their head held high and you want it to be higher than anyone elses you strive for attention you want your voice to be heard. if your a true new yorker you could write a book on your life and feel it could be one of the best books ever written. a true new yorker dosent care about what anybody says your yourself you come before anybody else. a true new yorker has become numb to pain because they learn that it never goes away it only gets harder and you gotto know how to deal with it .a true new yorker says fuck you to anybody who stands in their way of want they want . a true new yorker would flip out to someone who says fuck you to you . a true new yorker always gets that uneasy feeling when they hear sirens plus we know the diff between a ambulence siren a fire truck siren and a cop siren lol. a true new yorker knows that feeling that you get when your not in new york that uncomfortable feeling kinda like a lost feeling but a dont worry ill be back home soon kinda feeling. every true new yorker owns a pair of jordans or air forces. every true new yorker always gotto look good and fresh cuz people aint gotto know what we have and dont have just know we are hustlas. every true new yorker hates goin to the city cuz theres just to many tourists and if you do go u usually take a train or ferry or bus. BUT a true new yorkerr knows what its like to look at that skyline and think to themself wow i could never get sick of that view im so blessed to be born and raised here not alot of people get to and expirience this, my reality is someones dream. im a true new yorker born and raised its 3 in the morning and what do i hear cars racing music bumpin, the sirens ah man i love it bk aand staten all dai .

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