Monday, January 24, 2011

NY as a measure of success

        Some advice from people who moved to NY to achieve their dreams. They have happening lives and each have their own distinct story to tell. Being a New Yorker is an earned title - you have to prove that you belong, you have to earn your stripes.

        "People who move to NYC and really want to succeed are willing to wait tables or fold T-shirts in a GAP or do whatever it takes to be self-sufficient at first.” - Sarah, 27 Manhattan

“I don't consider myself a New Yorker yet - I just moved here a few months ago. To me a New Yorker is someone who can say they made it here…I’m still working on that." Macey, 25 Manhattan

Implication:  In New York, you never really know who someone is. The girl handing you your McCafe cup could be a DJ at night and in school on the weekend. The guy next to you on the 6 train could be the next winner of Project Runway (true story - happened to my old roommate). Part of the beauty of NY is the fear and adrenaline you get from not knowing.

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