Friday, January 28, 2011

The NY Mentality

       "People who move to NYC and really want to succeed are willing to wait tables or fold T-shirts in a GAP or do whatever it takes to be self-sufficient at first.” - Sarah, 27 Manhattan

“I don't consider myself a New Yorker yet - I just moved here a few months ago. To me a New Yorker is someone who can say they made it here…I’m still working on that." Macey, 25 Manhattan

“     "The city is full of life, fun, exciting, dirty, and young.” - Laura, 23 East Village Manhattan
“The thing about NY is that you can really be whoever you want to be here, no one cares one way or another what you’re wearing, who you’re walking with. It’s great." – Liz, 24 UES Manhattan
“The New York attitude is thinking quick on your feet. Quicker then anywhere else. You make the same decisions everybody else makes only the make them twenty times more a day and do them five times quicker.” – Josh, 29 Brooklyn

“I      "I have the NY mentality, I walk faster than others, I drive faster than others, I talk loud as if I don’t care what others think of me. I’m from New Yawk and if you don’t like it, get out of the way." - Sarah, 27 Long Island

“There’s nowhere else like NY. As much as you may hate taxes, tourists, and traffic on the LIE, BQE, or basically everywhere that you drive, it’s still great. Its just a distinct attitude we have that makes us stronger/tougher.”Darian, 32 NY

“U     "As New Yorkers, we have a boss mentality ‘no one is above me’...born and raised here, Wash Heightz all day baby! NY is not only Times square and Wall’s much more then you can even imagine…”- Yami, 26 Washington Heights 


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